SNIA Certified Information Architect (510)

Preliminairy information

Course designed to cover the topics from the S10-510 exam and additionally covers many more real world topics and examples.

Target audience:

- Storage professionals
- Infrastructure Administrators
- Virtualisation and cloud professionals
- IT architects
- Backup operators

Course topics:

  • Storage array basics
  • Storage array advanced features
  • Storage Area Networks
  • Storage Performance
  • Storage Performance case study
  • Storage Performance administration
  • Storage capacity administration
  • Storage capacity planning
  • Storage Security
  • Virtualization and storage
  • Cloud
  • Cloud and storage usage
  • Software defined X
  • Cloud storage
  • Big Data
  • Tape drives and cloud
  • Making choices
  • Storage array availability
  • Connecting datacenters
  • Sizing storage arrays
  • SAN architecture
  • Data migration
  • Memory storage solutions
  • NVMe, NVMEoF
  • iWARP, RoCe, iSEr
  • Storage network design (ethernet)
  • Future storage technologies
  • SNIA standards and projects
  • Containers

Besides a lot of new content, all specifications are updated to current specs (5/2019)
We also expanded on the storage performance section with some exciting practical performance troubleshooting information.