Second Opinions

With second opinion we mean a neutral, technical review of a solution that is offered to the customer. As we do not sell hardware or software, we have no financial benefit in what you as a customer are buying. That gives us the advantage of being neutral, and enables us to give you a honest advice about the technical solution that is proposed by a thirth party, without a hidden agenda. We will advice the best solution for you, based on price, function and future requirements. Our customers value this service a lot, as the investment is typically low, in most cases a few days, but the outcome is very valuable.  

Some topics we can cover:

  • Comparison of different proposals
  • Is this the right solution?
  • Do we need / miss certain funtions?
  • Does the solution meet future requirements?
  • Does the solution provide enough performance?
  • Is the solution scalable enough?
  • Will this solution integrate with my existing environment?