SAN Management and Administration (210)

Course name: SNIA SAN Management and Administration

Corresponding exam: SNIA S10-210

Course duration: 2 days


Attended SNIA 1x0 course, CompTIA Storage+ or equivalent knowledge

Target Audience:

Storage Administrators, Storage Consultants, others working with storage, virtualization (hypervisor) and cloud administrators, application administrators.

Course dates:

Course Objectives:

Explore and explain all features of storage arrays, introduce current and new storage protocols, talk about capacity and performance management, explain how virtualization (hypervisors) and cloud work with storage and discuss tape storage. All topics will have “from the field” information and “consultancy like” examples, filling in missing pieces and discussing real world solutions. This course explains why to choose a solution and the impact of choices, not how to configure it. 

Course topics:

  • Storage array basics
  • Storage array advanced features
  • Storage Area Networks
  • Storage Performance
  • Storage Performance case study
  • Storage Performance administration
  • Storage capacity administration
  • Storage capacity planning
  • Storage Security
  • Virtualization and storage
  • Cloud
  • Cloud and storage usage
  • Software defined x
  • Cloud storage
  • Big Data
  • Tape drives and cloud

Course content detailed

  • Storage array components
  • Storage array basic features
  • Thin provisioning
  • Tiering
  • Replication
  • Array partitioning
  • Quality of Service
  • Storage array best practises
  • Storage Area Networks
  • Storage protocols
  • FCoE, SR-IOV
  • SATAe, SCSIe, NVMe
  • FC switches and design
  • SAN scalability
  • SAN virtualization
  • Storage performance
  • Storage performance tools
  • Calculating performance
  • Caching
  • Performance case study
  • Capacity management
  • Storage capacity
  • Capacity calculations
  • Other capacities?
  • Capacity planning
  • General storage security
  • Access points
  • FIPS, OPAL and CC
  • Securing storage arrays
  • Securing backup data
  • Securing SANs
  • Securing data
  • Virtualization and storage
  • What is cloud?
  • What is different in a cloud?
  • Cloud layers
  • Cloud and storage
  • Software defined
  • Cloud storage
  • Big Data
  • 3Vs
  • Big data components
  • HDFS
  • Big data building blocks
  • Tape
  • Tape performance
  • Tape performance issues
  • Tape libraries
  • LTFS