HP EVA P6000 update training

Course overview

This 1-day course covers all recent changes to Command View EVA, EVAperf, HP EVA Firmwares and new features.
Additionally the new P6300 and P6500 are covered in detail.

Intended audience

  • Administrators familiar with HP EVA 3/4/5/6/8000 and command view interested in being updated with the lastest changes to their HP EVA environment
  • Administrators familiar with EVA 3/4/5/6/8000 and command view and now need knowledge to manage a P6000 system
  • Partners interested in getting a quick update on the lastest and greatest on HP EVA / P6000 storage arrays

Course outline

What’s new

  • P6300 / P6500 5th generation Enterprise Virtual Array
  • P6350 / P6550 5th generation Enterprise Virtual Array
  • P6000 Controllers
  • P6000 SAS diskshelfs and disks
  • P6000 Configurations
  • Command View 9.2
  • Command View 9.3,
  • Command View 9.4
  • HP P6000 CV 10
  • HP P6000 CV 10.1
  • Installations, upgrades and limitations
  • New features in Command View
  • XCS 10000000
  • XCS 11000000
  • HP P6000 Performance advisor (basic)

New Features details and best pratice

  • Data migration
  • Thin provisioning
  • Best practises
  • New protection level calculation XCS 10000000
  • Performance Advisor (basic)