HP ConvergedSystem administration

Course overview

This 3-day course will provide the information needed to understand and manage HP ConvergedSystem in the data center. The course introduces all available products in the portfolio, but will concentrate on those systems designed for General Purpose usage CS700, CS700x and CS200.


System Administrators and others that may benefit include: Cloud Architects, Storage Architects, Sales Engineers, Consultants, Technical Marketing staff

Course objectives

  • Understand the available products in the portfolio
  • Recognize the separate components included in a ConvergedSystem
  • Use the included software stack and the Management Servers used in ConvergedSystem
  • Access the components included in Converged Systems
  • Perform day to day administrative tasks using HP OneView as the main management interface

Course outline

Module 1: Overview of ConvergedSystem Portfolios

  • Describe the different HP ConvergedSystem portfolio Systems for today’s critical workloads - For infrastructure For Cloud For Mobility For Big Data
  • Explain the ConvergedSystem for Virtualization PortfolioDescribe ConvergedSystem Expansion, HA & DR options

Module 2: Installation, Startup and Support Services

Describe the different HP ConvergedSystem Services available:

  • Factory integration services
  • Integration into the customer data center
  • Onsite startup services

Ongoing Support Options

  • HP Proactive Care with Personalized Support Option
  • HP Critical Service

Module 3: Software Stack Overview

Describe Management Servers

List Management Virtual Machines:

  • HP OneView
  • Virtual Services Router
  • IC Server Provisioning
  • VMware vSOM Enterprise+
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012

Describe HP Storage and HP 3PAR Software in HP ConvergedSystem

Module 4: Networking Administration

Describe the different HP ConvergedSystems Networking components:

  • Switches
  • Interconnect modules
  • Virtual Connect
  • Accessing the networking interfaces
  • Troubleshooting and maintenance of networking components

Module 5: Storage Administration

Describe the different HP ConvergedSystem Storage components

  • Storage components
  • HP StoreVirtual VSA
  • HP 3PAR StoreServe 7200
  • Additional HP 3PAR StoreServe models
  • Managing the Storage components

Module 6: Server components in ConvergedSystem

List the type of Management Servers used in ConvergedSystem

Identify the Virtualization Host Servers:

  • HP Proliant DL Servers
  • HP BladeSystems

Access the Server management interfaces:

  • HP iLO
  • HP Onboard Administrator

Module 7: HP OneView and ConvergedSystem Networks

  • Manage HP ConvergedSystems Connectivity in HP OneView
  • Whats new in HP OneView 1.2
  • Understand HP OneView networking concepts:
  • HP OneView LAN & SAN
  • Domains, Enclosure Groups, and Logical Interconnect Groups
  • Network Sets and Server Connections
  • Uplink sets
  • Describe HP OneView Address and Identifier Service

Module 8: HP OneView and ConvergedSystem Storage Management

Manage HP ConvergedSystems Storage in HP OneView

Add and Configure:

  • Associating a SAN with a network
  • Adding a storage system
  • Storage Pools
  • Storage system ports

Manage Storage Systems:

  • Associations
  • Actions on storage resources
  • Working with storage volumes

San Manager Diagnostics

Module 9: HP OneView and ConvergedSystem Servers and Enclosures management

Use HP OneView Resources

Manage Host Servers:

  • HP Enclosure and BladeServers
  • HP Proliant DL Servers

Understand Enclosure Refresh
Identify Automatic actions

Manage Profiles:

  • Describe HP OneView Profiles
  • Connections, boot order & BIOS settings
  • Profiles and 3PAR storage
  • Creating, copying, editing & deleting

Module 10: HP ConvergedSystems Monitoring with HP OneView

Describe the server health monitoring in OneView

  • Explain iLO 4 status traps and polling
  • Describe enclosure and server connectivity alerts
  • Describe the basic environment components

Module 11: HP ConvergedSystem Basic maintenance in HP OneView

  • Administer OneView user accounts and roles
  • Configure Active directory and manage certificates
  • Update/upgrade the OneView appliance
  • Backup and restore OneView
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting tools available in OneView
  • Download support dumps
  • Troubleshooting tips
  • Reset the Administrator password

Lab 1 - Navigating the HP ConvergedSystem website

Lab 2 - Navigating the HPVL training environment

Lab 3 - HP Comware Switches

Lab 4 - 3PAR Management

Lab 5 - Configuring Networks in HP OneView

Lab 6 - Configuring storage in HP OneView

Lab 7 - Configuring Logical Interconnect Groups in HP OneView

Lab 8- Managing Enclosures in HP OneView

Lab 9 - Managing Server profiles in HP OneView

Lab 10 - Maintaining the HP OneView Appliance

Lab 11 - Troubleshooting HP OneView