HP BladeSystem Virtual Connect

Course overview

This three day course helps students identify, manage, and configure HP Virtual Connect components. An architecture overview ensures understanding of the Virtual Connect Ethernet, FlexFabric, and Fibre Channel components and their function. Hands-on labs provide configuration setup and a variety of network scenarios.

Course objectives

  • At the conclusion of this course, you should be able to:
  • Identify the HP BladeSystem Virtual Connect Ethernet and Fibre Channel modules
  • Discuss the VC Flex-10 Technology
  • Access the VC Manager
  • Configure a VC domain
  • Plan firmware updates using the HP Firmware Release Sets
  • Install VC Firmware
  • Understand and configure FlexFabric components

Course outline

Module 1: Virtual Connect overview

  • Describe the purpose of Virtual Connect in a datacenter
  • Compare the differences between Virtual Connect and an Ethernet switch
  • Describe how Virtual Connect configures the server
  • Describe Virtual Connect components

Module 2: Virtual Connect Ethernet

  • Select Virtual Connect components and connectivity options
  • Identify modules, ports, and connectors
  • Describe Virtual Connect Ethernet Failover

Module 3: Virtual Connect Fibre Channel

  • Select VC Fibre Channel options
  • Implement Server Side NPIV
  • Understand VC Fibre Channel Login Balancing and Fail-over

Module 4: Introducing the Virtual Connect Manager

  • Pre-deployment Planning
  • Virtual Connect Basic Setup
  • Logical Flow for an Initial Setup
  • Using the CLI
  • Virtual Connect Failover and Configuration Backup

Module 5: Virtual Connect Manager Advanced Features

  • Virtual Connect Firmware History and Enhancements:
  • Native VLANs
  • Fast MAC Cache Failover
  • SmartLink
  • IGMP Snooping
  • Port monitoring
  • PXE settings
  • Server VLAN Tag mapping
  • Private network mode
  • Virtual Server IDs
  • Integrity Server Fibre Channel boot parameters
  • Multiple Fibre Channel SAN Fabric Support
  • Certificates/Authentications
  • Multi-enclosure VC Domains

Module 6: Virtual Connect Domain

  • Virtual Connect Networking Definitions and Terminology
  • Virtual Connect vNets
  • VC Ethernet Best Practice

Module 7: Virtual Connect Profile

  • Configure VC profiles using the GUI and scripting

Module 8: Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager

  • Managing Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager
  • New in VCEM 6.2
  • VCEM Software Developers Toolkit (SDK)

Module 9: VC Flex-10 Overview

  • HP VC Flex-10 Technology
  • Flex-10 port assignments
  • Flex-10 bandwidth allocation
  • Flex-10 Network Configuration


Module 10: VC Flex Fabric

  • FlexFabric Definitions and Terminology
  • HP VC FlexFabric Modules
  • HP VC FlexFabric Adapters
  • VC FlexFabric Fibre
  • FlexFabric Fibre iSCSI
  • VC FlexFabric Module Compatibility
  • Converged Enhanced Ethernet Standards
  • Fibre Channel over Ethernet Standards

Module 11: Managing VC Flex Fabric

  • The OneCommand Manager

Module 12: HP BladeSystem Firmware Best Practices

  • Understand the HP Firmware Release Initiative
  • Use the HP Smart Update Manager
  • Locate the HP BladeSystem Firmware
  • Deploy Virtual Connect Firmware

Module 13: Supporting Virtual Connect

  • Collect information from the log files
  • Perform Basic Virtual Connect troubleshooting
  • Reset VC to factory default settings
  • Upgrade the VC 1/10 Domain to Flex-10
  • Troubleshoot using the Virtual Connect Support Utility
  • Collect information
  • Understand Virtual Connect Stacking Port Functionality