HP Blade/CloudSystem Matrix: Infrastructure Administration

Course overview

This 3 day course covers how to effectively utilize and manage the HP Matrix Operating Environment. The HP Matrix Operating Environment is covered in depth

Course objectives

At the completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Understand technical details and business value of HP CloudSystem Matrix solution and Converged Infrastructure
  • Be able to manage and optimize a HP CloudSystem Matrix environment

Course outline

Module 1 - Introduction to HP CloudSystem Matrix & Converged Infrastructure

  • What is a "Converged Infrastructure"?
  • How do I build a Converged Architecture?
  • HP BladeSystem
  • Virtual Connect and VCEM
  • Insight Management portfolio
  • Insight Control
  • Capacity Advisor
  • HP StorageWorks
  • Storage Provisioning Manager
  • Remote replication
  • HP CloudSystem Matrix Operating Environment management functionality
  • Review environment dashboard
  • Explain how HP Virtual Connect with HP VCEM enables advanced functionality of HP CloudSystem Matrix Operating Environment

Module 2 - Self Service Portal

  • Infrastructure

Module 3 - Designer

  • IO Designer
  • Import Cloudmaps
  • Chargeback
  • Workflows

Module 4 - Managing HP CloudSystem Matrix Operating Environment with dynamic Infrastructure Provisioning

  • Infrastructure Orchestration
  • Resource Pools
  • Software, Network, Storage, Server, Users
  • Deployment Strategies, physical and virtual
  • vSphere, vCenter, Server Automation, Insight Control Virtual machine management (Hyper-V), Insight Control Server Deployment (RDP) and Ignite

Module 5 - Continuous Consolidation and planning with the HP CloudSystem Matrix Operating Environment

  • Describe HP Matrix Operating Environment capacity planning functionality to optimize infrastructure confidently
  • Using Capacity Advisor
  • Server Consolidation
  • Server Virtualization
  • Scenarios and Smart Solver
  • Utilization limits
  • Comparison Reports

Module 6 - Energy aware planning with the HP CloudSystem Matrix Operating Environment

  • Review HP Thermal Logic capabilities
  • Intelligent Power Discover
  • Data Center Environmental Edge
  • HP BladeSystem c7000 Enclosure
  • ProLiant Power Regulator
  • Dynamic Power Capping
  • Platinum Power Supply
  • Sea of Sensors
  • Perform consolidation review using planning tools
  • Data Center Smart Grid
  • HP Energy Efficiency Services
  • HP Performance Optimized Data Center

Module 7 - Improving service delivery with Infrastructure Protection and Recovery Functionality

  • HP CloudSystem Matrix Operating Environment and support to enable optional data protection
  • Recovery options from ISVs and HP
  • HP CloudSystem Matrix Operating Environment also offers recovery management capability for certain enterprise environments\
  • Differentiate data protection and disaster recovery products
  • Describe HP Insight Management availability and recovery solutions
  • Describe the process for configuring an environment to implement HP CloudSystem Matrix Operating Environment recovery management

Module 8 - Expanding BladeSystem Solution with CSA for Matrix

  • Discussion on how HP management software and Matrix fit together
  • Review capabilities and value of Cloud Service Automation for Matrix
  • Demonstration and Discussion
  • Site scope
  • HP Server Automation

Module 9 - Building out Converged Infrastructure

  • Practical use case study review
  • Learning check of customer objectives
  • Course wrap-up and practical Approach of bringing your company to CI and how to introduce HP CloudSystem Matrix into your Data Center
  • Next steps
  • Best practices - Matrix planning , conversion, installation, sizing, high availability, setup services, SDR process
  • HP CloudSystem Matrix and Converged Infrastructure Roadmap
  • Customer Example
  • CIMM (Converged Infrastructure Maturity Model) tool
  • Wrap-up