Cloud Foundation

Course overview

This 2-day course provides students with a firm grounding on Cloud computing, understanding of what it is and how it relates to their own businesses.

Course objectives

At the conclusion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe how IT should change in today's evolutionary context
  • Describe how the Cloud will change today's IT
  • Explain Public and Private of cloud
  • Describe the unprecedented sourcing model introduced by the Cloud
  • Explain enabling technologies
  • Discuss Cloud and (new) Service Level Mgmt
  • Discuss how to approach and evaluate a Cloud Business Case
  • Describe Cloud and risk management
  • Explain how HP approaches the Cloud

Course outline

Module 1: About the cloud

Business strategy & IT

  • Business shaping forces
  • IT evolutionary model
  • Business Technology landscape
  • How ICT will serve the business
  • IT Challenges

The Cloud role

  • Optimize vs Innovate
  • Cloud Myths and reality
  • What Cloud actually is
  • Effect of the Cloud on IT
  • Cloud architectural principles
  • Cloud requirements

Sourcing model

  • Cloud Service Delivery
  • (Cloud) User/Provider relationships
  • User/Provider points of view
  • Service Delivery models
  • *aaS definitions and examples

Cloud taxonomy

  • Deployment models
  • Public Cloud: definitions and implications
  • Private Cloud: definitions and implications
  • Community Cloud: definitions and implications
  • Hybrid Cloud: definitions and implications
  • The renewed ICT model: risks vs benefits
  • ICT needs: how to try

Enabling Technologies

  • CI principles
  • Automation
  • Transformation of operational processes
  • CI example

Module 2: Inside the Cloud

Service Level management

  • Requirements met by the Cloud
  • New Service Governance
  • User vs Provider relationships
  • ITIL and Cloud

Business case

  • Business case evaluation criteria
  • Business outcomes examples
  • Business case – exercise
  • Impacts on business
  • Impacts on ICT

Risk management

  • Cloud risks vs benefits
  • Cloud specific vulnerabilities

HP approach

  • HP strategy to the Cloud
  • HP Value proposition
  • Roadmap to the Cloud