Brocade Network Advisor Workshop 14.x

Brocade Network Advisor Workshop

Product overview

Brocade Network Advisor is a software package that provides comprehensive management of data center fabrics including configuration, monitoring and management of all Brocade Directors, Switches and Host Bus Adapters. It provides support for Fibre Channel SANs up to 16Gbps with configuration, zoning and visualization capabilities such as HBA, storage, SAN fabric and layer 2 switch topology views. Network Advisor also provides an intelligent dashboard that presents an at-a-glance status summary of Brocade and third-party IP devices.

Course overview

This 2-day workshop provides the knowledge and hands-on to manage, monitor and troubleshoot SANs using the Brocade Network Advisor management application. This workshop is designed for individuals and companies who will or just installed the Network Advisor management application. The students will learn about the features of Network Advisor and will learn how to install, configure and manage those features.


Upon completion of the workshop, students should be able to:

• Provide an overview of Network Advisor features and capabilities

• Install and Configure Network Advisor Client and Server

• Perform SAN Discovery including Host Bust Adapters, VM manager and Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager

• Manage User Accounts with Role Based Access Control (RBAC)

• Understand and implement Zoning Using Network Advisor

• Gather and Display Real-Time and Historical Performance data including Link Utilization and End-to End Monitoring

• Implement Performance Monitoring using Thresholds Policies (Fabric Watch)

• Generate Reports of Configuration and Performance data

• Collect logs and Support Information from discovered SANs and Network Advisor Client and Server Data

• Create Event Policies to receive automated triggers such as SNMP traps. Email or Call Home on selected events

• Backup and Restore using Network Advisor including the Database and Configuration Data

• Use the Server Management Console

• Set-up Firmware management

• Troubleshoot device connectivity with the Network Advisor tools such as Port Fencing, FC Ping and FC Trace Route