Brocade Certified Fabric Professional

Course overview

This course provides the knowledge and skills needed to install and configure a SAN using Brocade switches. This course is the second of two classes required to obtain knowledge to pass the BCFP 8 Gbit/sec certification. It covers the more advanced topics of the BCFP EXAM. This course provides a significant amount of hands-on experience and discussion to help students become proficient with the features of Brocade Fabric OS and M-EOS. 

Topics include

  • Security
  • Quality of Service
  • Traffic Isolation Zones
  • Ingress Rate Limiting
  • Top Talker
  • Access Gateway implementation
  • Implementing Fibre Channel Routing
  • switch installation and configuration.

Advanced topics include identifying performance issues in a SAN, determining the high availability status of a switch and director, troubleshooting segmentation and connection issues in a SAN and what information to gather when escalating issues to the support provider. Students perform switch management using Telnet, Brocade Web Tools, SAN Health and Fabric Manager.

Course outline

  • Virtual Fabrics
  • N_Port ID Virtualization (NPIV)
  • FC – To – FC routing
  • FCIP
  • Adaptive Networking
  • Adaptive Networking - Licenses 2
  • Fabric Security Access Control Lists
  • FCoE (Fibre Channel over Ethernet